Greetings to the beloved St. John-St. Matthew-Emanuel family, and to all who read these words:

I give thanks for you, for the blessings we have received, and continue to receive, from God. I am praying for you as together we go through this challenging time of a global pandemic. “Together” in this case means “connected virtually.” It is clear that we need to sacrifice gathering in churches and other public spaces, so that we can “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infections. This is a big adjustment, but it’s one that we can and must make for the good of all.

The church building is closed for all purposes except handing out take-home meals for clients of the senior center. Pastor David will be in the church office regularly between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, and check our voicemail regularly. That number is 718-768-0528. Our office administrator, Greg Mania, will be working remotely. He will respond to emails. You can reach him at Please reach out with any needs you have, any situations where you feel we might be helpful.

We will continue to gather, virtually, for worship. On Sunday morning you can do that by joining us on our Facebook page for a live stream of worship at 11:00 AM. On Wednesday evenings in Lent, you can stream a Lenten devotional service. If you’re not a member of Facebook, you can connect by typing into your browser.

We ask that you keep in mind, and heart, the ministry of this church, and the ongoing expenses that are a reality of our upkeep. Please continue to support the church through your offerings. You can donate online at, or mail your offering via check. Thank you, in advance.

Finally, special thanks to our staff – Farah and Nelson Franqui, Greg Mania and Mary Fasano – to the Church Council, and to our deacons, Eric Johnson and Nadine Cordes. We have faced challenges in the past. We will go through this time prayerfully, faithfully, courageously. Wishing you God’s peace, I am,

Rev. David Parsons, pastor