This will be a wonderful jam-packed weekend at St. JME! Please join as much as you can. All are welcome, and we hope you will invite family and friends.

SATURDAY, December 9

9-4 Christmas Tree Sale; free home delivery!

10-12 Christmas Pageant rehearsal for all children (except the youngest ones) and teens

12-4 Youth Group will sell goodies and help with the tree sale

7:00 Dzieci Fools Mass play—admission $15; suitable for adults, teens and older children; call 718-638-6037 for further information

SUNDAY, December 10

11:00 Worship Service – don’t forget to bring your filled bag for the Seafarers!

12:15 Santa Lucia Coffee Hour – don’t forget to bring cookies and baked goods!

12:15 Christmas Sale during coffee hour – please buy your Christmas decorations and lots of gifts here!

1:00 Youth Group bowling